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This BLOG has moved to a new URL:


So visit new blog from now on for all the updated videos and information.

And also since few days i’ve been posting about some important information as to how to contact sidhanthi garu will be announced TODAY.So keep visiting the blog.



And about how to contact Sidhanthi garu is also mentioned in the brand new blog.

Hope you’ll feel happy hearing the news.

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10 responses

  1. I am from Malaysia. Daily watching Bhakthi TV. I am really
    benefit Shithanthi garu Grahabalalu. Thank you Shithanthi garu.
    God bless.
    I hope you have subscribed to the new blog as well CLICK this link and u’ll enter the new blog.U can get more information and old videos in the new blog.

    • Hi Appayamma garu!
      Malaysia!!!!great…….cud you mention ur mother tongue?And plz tell us how you benefited in the blog so everyone could get inspired in other blog.Plz check the Home page.

  2. my mother tongue is Telugu. I followed Shithanthi garu’s
    tips n poojas example the Vigneswardu pooja ,yesterday Sooriya namaskaram pooja. By doing those poojas I feel more happiness in our

  3. Madhurigaru

    Thanks for uploading the grahabalam programme on the website. However, we are not able to open the site though the spelling is typed correctly. I request your goodself to kindly look into the matter or shift the website to Waiting desperately to view your blog. Please do the needful at the earliest.
    Thanking you
    With regards Padmavathi, Hyderabad

    • Hello Padmavathi garu!
      What error are u getting when u type the URL? plz let me know.Type the in the address bar directly.OR see the video i’ve posted on yesterday and let me know how u went thru ur problem.OR u could SCREEN RECORD the problem as i recorded the video under”3rd May 2011 – Watch the IMP video” and send it to me.I’m waiting for ur reply.

      What browser are u using? Don’t use Internet explorer, try Firefox or Opera browsers………

  4. Madhurigar

    I am spellbound and very much impressed by your prompt reply. I was using internet explorer. On your suggesstion I have down loaded fire fox and now that I am able to view the blog. Thank you very much for the same. I have telephoned N number of times to bhakti tv for contacting siddanthigaru but unfortunately I am not able to get the number. Through your blog I take the opportunity and previlege to express my gratitude to siddanthigaru for giving simple remedies to every one which may not be possible for any other person during these days. I think the remedies can be followed by even very poor people without any problem since the amount involved is very meger. The services rendered by siddhantigaru as well as you are excellent ! hats off to you once again. Regards . Padmavathi

    • Hello Padmavathi garu!
      Its obvious u were using IE.Now that u were able to access the new blog i’m relieved.Even i got same error myself. Just 2 days back i came to know abt PANDA effect which blew my head. I was dissapponted because it effected how the google search presented the blogs to the viewers.Anyways i hope it gets sorted out in future.
      Pleasure is all mine.Ya thats true my whole point of blogging was to spread Sidhanthi garu’s astro vision to each and everyone all over the world as much as i can. I’m humbled by ur compliments. Ur welcome once again.


  5. Respected madam,
    My name is Divya. am requesting that please keep grahabalam show with MP3 download option because my place is rural area here power was not available as much so many neighbors asking me please show that grahabalam it cant possible to show because of power. if u gave that option means i will download that and i will show to other people because its laptop so power went off also no problem i will show to all. I requested try to help me.

  6. hello Madhuri garu,
    My name is Madhuri. mam please give the Audio download option for grahabalam shows in grahabalam website bcz my net was very slow and my area is rural area so many old people asking please show that grahabalam show it possible to show some people after that agaian some people asking me at that power was not available its propblem to show many times so please give AUDIO option plsssssssssssss

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