22nd May 2011……Hello everyone! Plz follow the info bellow


Open the new blog in FIREFOX so u can see the color effect properly.

click me  www.grahabalam.blogspot.com 

 When you type the blog  name in GOOGLE or in address bar , check your spelling  before hitting enter.

Plz watch the video in previous posts below and follow the instructions.

This is  how the new blog looks

I’ve been notified from one of our loyal followers of the blog that even after  the spelling of the blog is typed correctly, they are  getting some error in the GOOGLE.

As far as i know  its called PANDA effect .U might learn more of it on google.As u already know of wordpress.com blog and i have opened the new one grahabalam.blogspot.com……..apparently its a change in  algorithm so to prevent copying of blogs.Its sees the new blog as duplication.so the error is because of that i guess.Correct me if i’m wrong.

So plz download and install FIREFOX or  OPERA BROWSERS.This could solve your problem for now and hope in future as well.

All regular blog readers , pass this updation of link to everyone.

Make sure you are a  FOLLOWER (new blog) and get the important updates and  info through mail.Because you could loose SOME IMPORTANT INFORMATION.

As i’ve already told before. All the subscribers from this wordpress.com blog update ur subsciption in new blog under ” FOLLOWERS”

There are 55 site subscriptions in this wordpress.com blog, but i see only 22 FOLLOWERS  in my new blog.U need to activate the new blog account by checking your mail in inbox.So wanted to inform u once again for those who haven’t updated their subscription in new blog. Plz do so as soon as possible.


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