Grahabalam 13th may 2011 – Abt effects of Lunar eclipse on specific days on specific rashis – POST SHIFTED

Hello blog readers!

As the new blog( is down due to maintainance and in read only mode, so i can’t post or update my post. In the meanwhile , i’m posting this post here. Later this post will be shifted to Blogspot again. So bear with me.

Today sidhanthi garu told abt more details on effects on Lunar eclipse(June 15th) on some rashis.

The blogspot is running again so check the translated post and video in new blog.

C u all there


3 responses

  1. Hi maduri,
    Im sindhu,thank u for helping a lot through this website and i need one more information from u..
    I can able to download audiofiles from but not from im opening links some are opening through media fire and some are through filserve.In fileserve i cant able to download
    Can u plz suggest me the idea

    • Hello SIndhuri garu!

      Sorry for delay reply.Ur most welcome.Actually some Internet service providers are blocking sites i guess.I will uploading all of them soon enough.

  2. hii madhuri garu this is bhargavi from canada and firstly i would like to congratulate u for creating a blog and it really helps us to know many things through this program

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